1 – Ultimate Rattle Reel Bundle(Reel, Strap & Fly Line)


This Bundle gives you everything you need to get your ultimate rattle reel ready for the ice. Spool Straps are the ultimate solution to help eliminate tangles while your reels are not in use. The use of Fly Line will help to keep you fishing longer and avoid those annoying tangles. All these together gives you a rattle reel that will help put fish on top of the ice.

This Bundle Includes:

~Ultimate Rattle Reel

~1″ wide Spool Strap

~Fly Line(1oo’ roll)

(The Spool Strap and Fly Line will match the color of the reel ordered unless noted otherwise in the notes section of the order).


Ultimate rattle reels are durable, reliable, and built to last. These reels are built out of the toughest materials for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. You won’t ever need to replace them. In fact, we offer a lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects. Ultimate rattle reels are designed and manufactured in the USA. We are proud to offer a custom rattle reel for your custom ice house.

  • Custom lasered 3″ aluminum plates with anodize finish(Black, Green, Red or Blue)
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 1.5 inch reel hub (that will hold more line than you will ever need)
  • Stainless steel mechanical alert system
  • Custom molded bushing system for smooth free spinning performance and a lifetime of use
  • Stainless steel long arm mounting bracket
  • Easy to use tension adjustment knob…Set it once and it will stay to fit your fishing style.
  • Optional custom color anodizing. Contact us with special requests.

Spool Straps

  • Heavy Duty Fabric and a industry leading snap together fastener(better than Velcro)
  • Metal loop for your hook placement
  • Multiple colors available(Black, Red, Green and Blue)
  • Hand made in the USA

Fly Line

  • Reduce the number of tangled messes
  • Fight those fish with more finesse.
  • Rolls are 100ft in length and 30lb test.
  • Multiple colors of fly line make it easy to separate rattle reel setups should one line become tangled with another nearby rattle reel line/setup.


Click HERE to watch a video of the rattle reel in action


Additional information


Black, Red, Blue, Green

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