Ultimate Wheelhouse Package – GLOW Sleeves w/ UO Reels & Spool Straps- 4pk

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This package gives you the ultimate versatility during the ice fishing season.  Use your Ultimate Rattle Reels by mounting them to the wall with the Arm and U Brackets, or by mounting to the ceiling or Sven’s Sleeve Cover system with the Rigid Bracket Kit. Pick any color reels to go with the ONLY true flush mount Sven’s Sleeve cover system. The spool straps will match the color of rattle reels selected. IF other colors are wanted please put it in the notes of your order. No more wondering whether your going to accidently kick covers off the hole or about the safety of your kids, pets, etc.


The following items are included in the package

  • 4 GLOW Sven’s Sleeves and 4 Clear Covers (Note – Fish Hole Buddy Accessory Clips are not included in package.)
  • 4 Ultimate Outdoors Rattle Reels – You choose the colors
  • 4 Arm and U Brackets for mounting your Rattle Reels on the walls.
  • 4 Rigid Mount Brackets for mounting your Rattle Reels on the Sven’s Sleeve Covers or on the Ceiling
  • 4 Spool Straps to match the color of rattle reels unless noted otherwise on the notes of the order.

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